Linux for Dummies

Ubuntu Linux

Logo from the Ubuntu website

Ubuntu Linux is a popular distribution of Linux. This is based on the Debian distribution, however has a more user friendly distribution providing easier introduction to Linux than a raw Debian installation. Although Ubuntu & Debian are based on the same underlying packages, the distributions vary on their inclusion policies and Ubuntu will often be offering newer packages than Debian.

Ubuntu Linux is a good starting place for new Linux users and features a simple graphical installer which you can boot from CD and install your system just as you would with a Windows install.

The Ubuntu distribution contains a number of popular applications allowing you to have a fully working desktop install with word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing and email from a single install. You can have this up and running in under half an hour on most reasonable spec PC's.

Getting Ubuntu

You can download a CD image, or buy a copy on DVD or CD. Take a look at the download page of the Ubuntu web site for further information.