Linux for Dummies

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Linux for Dummies

Linux is a very powerful operating system for PC's, but many are put off using it as they are only familiar with Windows. Recently there have been big advances in GUI's for Linux PC's, this now means that much of the "Linux" has been hidden behind a GUI, some even have familiar "Windows" look & feel.

So what's Linux all about then?

Linux was written many years ago by Linus Torvalds as a university project for the Intel 80386 chip. It is not technically a complete operating system as Linux actually refers to the kernel and most Linux systems are in fact distributed with a number of GNU tools to compliment the kernel and provide a POSIX based UNIX-like operating system.

How do I get Linux?

Linux is usually supplied as a Distribution, this contains a complete set of packages and necessary admin tools to install Linux and other applications to your PC. The easiest way to install a Linux system is to download a CD or DVD image and boot your PC from this disk and follow the graphical installer.